Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life is what you make it

Author: Preeti Shenoy
: Shrishti Publication
: Fiction
My Rating
: 5/5

Well, I am no one to critique and review someone's book which has been written with so much effort and with the heart and soul poured into it. But I was so inspired with this simple yet an amazing novel by Preeti Shenoy that I HAD to post this review on my blog and recommend it to all the readers out there!

Being in a profession that deals with the human mind (well, yes, I changed my profession to being a Hypnotherapist! ) I understand exactly what someone goes through physically, mentally and emotionally when suffering from a mental disorder. Preeti's second novel which is based on a story of a girl named Ankita suffering from "bipolar disorder", caught my attention mainly because it deals with a mental ailment that is very prevelant and yet least understood! I absolutely loved the way Preeti has narrated the story.. it was truly heart warming and touched the chords of emotions so well that I could feel myself going through the pain, pleasure, fears, frustration, happiness,confusion, tension and every other feeling that Ankita (the lead character in the novel) experienced. Now, if this doesn't qualify as a good novel, what else will?! Am sure the best compliment an author can get is that he/she was able to make the characters come alive in the minds of the readers and I must say that Preeti has done this effortlessly! I was just unable to keep the book down till I finished reading the last page. An unusual and a sensitive topic has been written in a very interesting and an inspiring way.

I would surely recommend this book to my clients as a source of inspiration coz Ankita's story tells us that life can change at any moment and life is all about what we make out of it.. we are the masters of our destiny and we are what we think we are!!

It is a very intense book and touches you deeply and inspires you to the core. I highly recommend it!

Last but not the least, I am also proud to say that I know Preeti personally for the past 2 years (I met her at the launch of her first book in Bangalore). She is not only a fine author and a talented artist but an awesome human being! To know more about Preeti visit her blog