Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Monday.. What are you reading?

Mondays are full of blues...but books always make me smile :) So time for the weekly meme hosted by J.Kaye on her blog

Books read last week:

1. DANCING WITH ANA by Nicole Barker - A very warm Young Adult romance novel which just cannot be put down till you read the last page!

2. 24x7 MARRIAGE by Vijay Nagaswami - A very short and crisp book written by a well known psychotherapist about smart strategies for good beginnings in a marriage, in an Indian context. I picked up this book just to explore new domains and categories in my reading and it was quite good!

3. SYMBOLS OF THE SOUL by Gina Lake - My very first experiment with a book on astro science which is about understanding your life purpose and karma! It was an amazing experience reading this book... god knows how much of it is true, but it was definitely hair raising and scintillating!! I'm definitely going to read more in this genre soon...

Books for next week:

1. KAFKA ON THE SHORE by Haruki Murakami (This reading is getting interrupted since a month!)
2. THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI by Robin Sharma (For the Orbist Terrarum Challenge 2009)

Read any of the books above? What have you thought about them? Share your comments! I would love to hear your views...


Veens said...

24x7 MARRIAGE by Vijay Nagaswami--I think I saw this one soemwhere.

Let's see your review of Kafka on the Shore!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Veens, all of these look new! I think your blog is the first I have heard about each title.


Veens gets out more than I!

Ruth Schaller said...

Have a great reading week! :D

A P .Dinesh said...