Thursday, October 1, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Would you lie?

This week's BTT question:

Two-thirds of Brits have lied about reading books they haven't.

Have you? Why? What books?

No! Never! I dont understand why would anyone want to lie about reading something which they havent actually read. I have my own taste for books and I proudly stick to it. I have no issues in accepting the fact that I hardly read any books in many categories like sci-fi, historical fiction or classics. That doesn't make me less smart or my reading insignificant...

There are quite a few books which I have just stopped reading in the middle or just after a few chapters and I would definitely have my opinions about the book to share when someone asks. But I always base my opinion only on the part of the book which I have read...which I feel is fair enough.

But I still wonder why someone would lie about reading a book! Is it peer pressure? Is it just to "fit in" to a discussion, or just to show off their interests or intelligence? Any thoughts?

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Divya said...

Can't agree more! I am an impatient reader by nature and there have been many instances when I never completed the book because I couldn't read beyond a few pages.. Doesn't make sense to lie about not having read a book!

senthil said...

Debatable: One instance of the many COULD be because of peer pressure; one tries to "fit in" to a discussion and shows off one's interest and or how intelligent one is..
If one is conscious what is to follow is remorse because lies are a roadblock to progress in relationships!

Veens said...

I want to so LIE that I have read so many classics ;) but whats the use.. i have not.. and I won't lie either! :)

Peer pressure... at this age and grace.. i have no pressure other than work ;) so i guess... thats more fore teens?