Saturday, June 13, 2009

What makes a good book review?

Whenever I want to pick up a new book the first thing I do is to search for multiple reviews by different people so that I get an idea about the general opinion, the plot, characters and whether it appealed to most of the people who read it. So I realize that it's important to write an honest and a good review (by good, I dont mean just 'positive') becoz it does influence a lot of potential readers...

According to me, reading is a very personal thing. I've picked up few books which had some really bad reviews but I've enjoyed reading them and there have also been books which had excellent reviews but disappointed me..So it all depends on your personal tastes, a review just helps you in making a choice.

I feel that a book review should be short and sweet, should give a glimpse of the story without giving away too many details, describe a bit of the characterization, author's style, structure and maybe a few quotes/lines from the book to give an idea of the narrative. "Did you like the book - why or why not?" should be the focus of the review...sharing how the book made YOU feel is more important becoz if I my likes are similar to yours then I'd most probably take your recommendation and add the book to my shelf ..

So...what in your opinion makes a good review?

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Monique said...

I would love to write shorter reviews. But when writing I tend to be very wordy.

I personally like to read both good and bad reviews. I would like the reviewer to tell a little about the book, character, and writing style. I don't like reviews that just say stuff like "good book" or "enjoyable" I need to know what made it good.