Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost Single

Author: Advaita Kala
Pages: 284
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Chick-lit
Rating: 4/5

After reading a heavy and depressing book like Black Friday, I wanted something really light and funny to read and this chick-lit novel served the purpose.

'Almost Single' a debut novel of Advaita Kala, is a book about single women nearing thirtees. I found it to be very similar to Bridget Jones's Diary. I would say this one is an Indian Avatar of the former. I am definitely not going to do a comparison between the two because that's going to be unfair to either of them! It's obvious that emotions, feelings, friendships, relationships remain the same irrespective of different cultural contexts! So they are good in their own ways.

I completely enjoyed reading the book. It's a very light read and you can just snuggle up in bed and finish it up in one sitting. The story is about Aisha Bhatia, a 29yr old single woman working in the hospitality industry. It seems like lady luck is never on her side and more often than not, ends up in a 'foot in the mouth' situation. She has 2 close friends, one of whom is single and the other is divorced and you get to know a lot about their lives too and how they form an integral part of Aisha's life. There are definitely a lot of cliches, no doubt, but it's a chick-lit and that's how it is going to be! :)

The characters are very identifiable and you feel like a dear friend of yours is actually narrating a story of her life to you. Also, her description of smaller details adds to the quality of the book and it appealed to me. At some places the book becomes very predictable and I kinda rushed through a few pages. But overall it has a good feel and the ending surprised me as well..

So if you are looking for something light and fun to read, then I recommed you pick this up! You'll definitely laugh out loud and it will cheer you up...

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Senthil.Jayaraman said...

Do men read such kind of books?

Looks like a book for women. Reading most books of scarce emotional content, found it little difficult to start of reading. Emotions swing like the markets, many good situational perspectives, was accelerated entertainment.

A stable, soft, diagnostic, some times jagged voice of narration was felt, at most times give a real feeling. The end had an abrupt, haphazard commercial quality. The relationship deservers a better elegant finish..

One cannot be blind to the coincidences, reassures the gut factor that leads a book reader to choose books at the time it ought to be..