Monday, February 2, 2009

The Da Vinci Code

Author: Dan Brown
Pages: 490
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/ Fiction
Rating: 5/5

You must be wondering why I'm reviewing this book ages after it was released and has been read by almost every book lover ! Well, yes, I was one of those unfortunate souls who never read this book when the excitement was on. I was not too much into reading fiction those days so I just let it pass. I did watch the movie, but now I realize I can hardly remember a scene from it; more than that I hadn't comprehended most of the things... I guess thats the reason you should always read a book before watching the movie :)

I picked this book a couple of weeks back and having read just a few pages, I started cursing myself for not having read it much earlier. Now I have a strong urge to read more books in the mystery genre. I won't get into describing the plot coz most of you would have either read the book or seen the movie. So I more keen on writing my opinion and experience reading thru it.

I absolutely loved this book! Never have I read something that has been so gripping right from the first line till the last. The story goes at a breakneck pace and plot is so intricately woven that nothing seems obvious till mystery reveals itself. The author keeps you on your toes with every puzzle, every detail and character that he introduces. Also the fact that a lot of his research is based on certain facts made me feel like it is a true story and not a fiction! The story is extremely convincing and no doubt controversial. I loved Dan Brown's writing style. Some of the reviews online criticize that the characters are not very well developed and the chapters are too small. But I completely disagree. The main characters were introduced and etched very intelligently - especially Leigh Teabing's. The short chapters grabbed my attention, made the book very fast paced, easy to read and interesting.

It is very obvious that Dan Brown has done an exhaustive research for his explanations and depictions of history to be as accurate as possible. It is also obvious that if you introduce arguments and evidences that shake the whole faith on which Christianity is based, there are bound to be skeptics, criticisms & controversies. A lot of resources and events that he has described align with history. You cant possibly prove it is true, but you can't prove it is all false either!! So it all depends on your 'faith' and how you explore the roots of your faith.

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