Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep Off the Grass

Author: Karan Bajaj
Pages: 260
Genre: Indian Fiction
Publisher: Harper Collins
My Rating: 3.5/5 ( Mainly for the plot and humor than writing)

I picked up this book mainly because a friend of mine, who shares similar reading interests as mine, recommended it to me. Also the fact that the book dealt with life in a B-school interested me more. How can I not read a book about MBA life?! I can relate to every bit of it :)

Let me start off with these set of lines that I loved in the book -

"It is a question of choices. You have made a choice to be friendly - or human as you call it. Maybe I have not. Maybe I define success here as getting the best job and the best grades; and not the best friends. Maybe you define it differently. I have the courage to stand by my choice. Why cant you stand by yours instead of trying to change mine?"

If you want to read the synopsis of the book, then click here. Let me not waste time and space to re-iterate whats on the book cover..

"Keep off the grass" was a different title for a book, I thought. It caught my attention in the first go. The plot is nothing great, it's a very common story probably told and re-told many times but the characters etched are pretty interesting. I had a lot of fun reading and I must say it was hilarious at some points and I used to burst out loud with laughter, much to the amazement of people around me! I could totally relate to every aspect of the student life in B-school, having lived through it myself for 1 whole year. It was almost like I was reliving some of my MBA days while I read parts of this book. But am sure, even if you are not a B-school grad, you can still relate to the student life described here...

One disappointing aspect to me was the style of writing. I wasn't quite pleased with Karan Bajaj's writing style or his skills. Heck, I am not any professional to make this criticism, but having read a lot of books of various authors across genres, I guess I do have some ability to compare and judge the writing skills. Anyways, this is again a personal opinion and there could be people who would probably love his writing.

I found this to be same as Chetan Bhagat's books, his writing and narrating style. I got to know that there's already a movie being made on this book as well. I hope we dont have *another* Chetan Bhagat in India!! (P.S: no offense meant to either of them)

I'll say that it's just about an OK book and depends on what you are looking for. If its just for time pass, light read and some amount of laugther and fun, then pick this up! It wont disappoint you, at least in that aspect.

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